Who are We?



Our motto and the way we operate.



SeoSam is a small freelance company dedicated to providing socially responsible social media, SEO, and Internet marketing to small business.

Located in Montreal, Qc. we are able to service clients on a global market from our primary location because we do everything over the Internet and have been doing so since 2005.

It is our firm belief that customers are built from committed trust relationships and as

our partners will tell you, satisfaction means everything to us.

We cannot and do not make unrealistic promises of overnight success. In order to do so, you must cut corners and is something we will never do.

Our strategy is and always has been to build a solid foundation and grow exponentially from there. Things change on a daily basis and we are always learning new tricks and finding new ways of doing things, however, experience teaches us that implementing Google basics is key to success.

The best and most effective content management system is WordPress, although we have experience using a variety of content management systems and platforms.

brainWe help guide your business with specialized techniques and tools to integrate SEO, social media, and brand marketing into your daily operations

Web marketing is not just about creating a Facebook and Twitter page.

It is about understanding how to use a variety of different mediums and strategies to create maximum brand exposure and create traffic to your main landing site or web page.

When you combine high quality well written relevant content along with your social media posts, videos, and promotions, you begin to see the difference.

Marketing is not just about counting impressions and ranking on Google, but rather it is understanding what are the most cost-effective ways to use them.

Every brand is different and therefore every marketing strategy should be.

We have been using and talking about these methods for years, everyone else is finally catching up.

If you want quick solutions and overnight “unrealistic” promises, we are not the company for you.  If you want long lasting results that take time, patience and an understanding of the effects of doing things the proper way, then you have come to the right place.

We do not just build your brand, we create a foundation of solid relationships and follow through customer service using a variety of web marketing strategies such as email marketing, content management, mobile and brand (web) development.

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