Guest Posting


If you need me to write for you please contact me at 450-613-2576,

I encourage guests posting and link sharing for any and all high quality written content on my blogs and websites.  Many of the places that I contribute to are looking for fresh talent and I would happy to share posts if they were deemed worthwhile.

I strive to provide the very best content for readers and while I’m happy to oblige, I do have strict guest posting guidelines to adhere to. As a writer with a solid reputation, I understand the value of a quality link.  While I am more than happy to help other businesses grow and succeed online, I cannot put my reputation in jeopardy by posting irrelevant or fake news content. Nor will I post images that are in violation of copyright laws.  


It is for this reason that I  have set these guidelines in place.

My Guest Posting Guidelines include:

  • All content and links on the guest post must be relevant to the blog category.
  • Content must be written in American English.
  • All content in the article must be 100% unique and will be put into CopyScape for verification.
  • If the grammar and spelling in your article are excessively bad, the article will not be posted.
  • I can edit minor errors, however, I am busy and I do not have the time to edit complete articles.
  • Make sure you provide an author bio for your article so you can benefit from a link back.
  • Sponsored posts are charged on an individual basis.




  • In order to check validity and monitor guest post articles  properly, I ask that you send guest posts and articles via email to  I will not know if you posted on in the system as I am not always in here. If I do not respond right away it does not mean that I won’t it just means that I have not gotten to it yet.  

Asking me over and over again will not get your article posted, it will annoy me and I will likely delete it.   

Sponsored posts are 25$ – display ads are 75$ USD payable by PayPal at the time of order if I do not have to write the post or create ads for you.  75$ USD for the post if I write post or review for you.

Please send all queries fo posts to