SEO/Branding – Price list


Blog content – Posted on your WordPress Blog  (50$ – 600-800 words)  2 Keywords-2 SubHeadings – I internal link, one external.

Article Content – Research Materials, Posted on 3rd Party Website with Anchor Text, Linkback, etc. see pricelist page 

Specialized Content (ebook,etc) -150$ per 1000 words

What kind of content do you need?yikxe5yie

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For most businesses starting out, a plan of action with some quality backlinks, a good blog, and social media branding is a great way to get started on the Web.  It only takes a little to get a whole lot in return.  We will help you decide if a fan page or group is better suited for needs.

What are the kinds of places you should post to and what your website needs to have? We can help you decide that too!

Once you start to grow, you can implement more costly procedures like apps, email, and affiliate marketing.

Let us help you get started!

CONTENT IS KING…without that there is no point.  Sharing it makes the point.

These plans are based on a website that is already started and has some socialmedia.  If you are a start up we will help you get going with these things for a small additional fee.


Basic Start UP plan (for those with no site or brand presence at all) – WordPress Design 5 Page Site (Blog) + Social Media + Initial Content = 1500$  + Free consultation plus 10% discount on package.


Basic Plans for established websites.

Let’s get back on track.

Content  Research and Developed by Expert based on your traffic.










Distribution of high-quality content on 3rd party RELEVANT websites High DA,PA 50- Your Tango, Huffington, etc. 5  Articles 10 Articles 25 Articles
Contextual links
Keyword used in anchor text or direct links
Minimum link longevity guaranteed – most are permanent 1 year 1 year 1 year
Online project management schedule
Keyword Relevance research
Development or optimization of website blog – Seo On page, mobility etc.
# of blog posts per month (company website) 4 8 12
# of other media such as press releases, e-books, etc. 1 – every year 1 – every 6 mo 1 – every 3 mo
# of campaigns  (contests, etc.) 1 – every year 1 – every 6 mo 1 – every 3 mo
# of Social Media Sharing Posts ( Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, Linked In, Etc.)  Choice of 5 platforms 2 4 6
# Blog Sharing

Stumble Upon, Tumblr, Reddit, Relevant sites, RSS, etc.

10 25 50
Following / Maintenance of SM
Ongoing monthly traffic & goal reporting
Keyword rank checker monthly weekly weekly
Social media monitoring reports
Creation & promotion of Paid Ad Campaign not included  included included
Consultation with Expert /Month- 1 hr blocks 1  4 10
Monthly Link Reporting
Basic Marketing Plan – Goals, Buyer Persona, Conversion Goals, etc.  no included included included
Monthly Marketing Investment: Bi-Weekly payments in advance.

NO CONTRACTS – buy only what you need

$2,500 $6,000 $10,000

Other Services

  • App Development  – 3rd Party Canadian Company
  • Email Marketing  Campaigns
  • Landing Page Designs
  • Blog Development
  • Fan Page Creation
  • Banner ads, Videos and Graphics.
  • WordPress Maintenance – plugins, updates, minor changes to design, widgets, etc.
  • WordPress Design
  • E-book and other media creation
  • Consultation – Review of your website, marketing, SEO and social media.

These are not all included in our basic plans but we can offer a quote for these based on your companies needs and budget.

Roughly we charge about 40/hour, so you can easily base your estimate on that.

App Development fees 100$/hour

If you require additional content or media above what is provided above, we can supply it to you for a discounted price.