Creating your own design concepts can save money.

Got a design in your head but you cannot make it happen?  Not everyone can be a designer but you can create the concept. As a media consultant, I do not always make the perfect design.  Sometimes, I have to outsource in order to get results.   To save time and money, however, you can [...]


Inbound Marketing is an S.O.B. of a Problem!

Frustrated with your marketing?   You are not alone, I often need to remind myself that it can be an S.O.B of a problem. Once I stop laughing when I think about that, I can generally start focusing on what needs to be done in order to fix it. Set Realistic Marketing Goals It seems [...]

Creating a Voice For Your Brand Using The “DO IT” Principal.

A brand’s message to the world needs to be heard loud and clear in order for it to be effective. Potential customers and loyal followers are not only listening to the message itself, they are formulating an opinion of the brand based on the execution or delivery of its’ message. A brand’s entire marketing success [...]

Are You a Victim of The Ultimate Marketing Scam?

Knowledge is Power in This Game Unless you want to lose. How do I hate “scammy” marketing practices? Let me count the ways! Marketing has been around for hundreds of years and while it may have moved online, “The game hasn’t changed, only the players have.” Isn’t it time you had a fair shot at [...]

Hot off the Google Press

Let's face it, not everyone is an SEO master. But, Google is certainly trying to make it easier. They have always been trying to level the playing field. It's an ideology that even small business can succeed with a little effort and a bit of help.  Isn't that why we all admire and follow Google? [...]

Life Coaching, Seeking it or Getting into a Field – The Evolutionary Mind

Life coaching is something that is definitely not talked about often. But when it is, you might be getting the wrong information. Let's change that: Source: Life Coaching, Seeking it or Getting into a Field - The Evolutionary Mind

Social media is not a hobby, it is big business and you need to charge accordingly.

If you engage in social media there is an understanding that a positive and helpful attitude towards sharing is mandatory.  Unfortunately, compassion and kindness will not pay your bills. The truth is sometimes, you need to be a little less giving and a lot more receiving.  I took a huge risk asking a question that [...]

Do Employment agencies work for or against you?

As a marketer, I “quantify” and analyze everything that I do. This includes things in my own personal life. I suppose in some ways it helps me to make sense of the world around me. In my recent quest to find a full-time job, a very disturbing pattern emerged and I am baffled by the [...]

Using Social Media Just to Enhance SEO is a buzz killer!

  As a freelance consultant and “hands on” marketer, one of the biggest obstacles I face is challenging business owners and enterprise project managers to re-think how they are doing things.  It is the reason I always advocate for my clients to talk to a few people or firms before hiring me. I want them [...]

When User Testing Gets Down Right Dangerous!

This is one of my best-featured articles to date.  While I think I answered the things I wanted to know, there is something that I just thought about and would have liked to add it to the text, but maybe it makes for a new blog someday. How do self-driving cars park themselves?  I mean [...]