Montreal: It took 375 Years to Build and about 40 To Destroy it

Today marks Montreal's 375th Birthday. Events, parties, and special celebrations are being planned around the city to showcase it to the world. On May 17, 1642, Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve brought French settlers here to establish a colony. At some point, the British migrated here, and many other cultures have since followed. This gave credence [...]


When User Testing Gets Down Right Dangerous!

This is one of my best-featured articles to date.  While I think I answered the things I wanted to know, there is something that I just thought about and would have liked to add it to the text, but maybe it makes for a new blog someday. How do self-driving cars park themselves?  I mean [...]

Love Sex and Money – Feminine Collective – FEATURED

There is nothing more flattering than seeing your articles come to life on someone else's website.  As you will no doubt realize by the staggering dates of my writing, I have been neglecting this one. Believe me, (said in the voice of Donald Trump) it is not intentional.  I am just very busy writing to pay [...]

Sexting it takes a bit of getting used to!

Want to try sexting but not sure how to start the conversation or know exactly what to say? Don't worry, it is actually pretty common. No one ever knows what to do the first time, it takes practice to get the hand, I mean hang of it. Even the professionals -stumble on their words once [...]

The family that I belong to, it’s not broken it is just a little bent.

Like the cogs on the wheel of a bike, my lifelong struggle with abandonment issues seems to spin out of control whenever I hit a bump in the road. Today was one of those days. However, this time instead of going it alone, I decided to share my feelings with everyone.  I am hoping that [...]

My garden of life seems to have it’s own path.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are part of life in my "garden." The very fact that you are reading this article confirms that. Consider for one moment, if I was without any readership, these letters would just be words on an webpage without much meaning.  It is my family, friends, and [...]

Lucky a suitable name for the perfect dog!

When I first agreed to allow my son's girlfriend to adopt a dog for him for Christmas thirteen years ago, I was under the impression that she understood I was expecting a small breed of dog. We lived in a small apartment in the city and this was certainly no place for a huge dog. [...]