Inbound Marketing is an S.O.B. of a Problem!

Frustrated with your marketing?   You are not alone, I often need to remind myself that it can be an S.O.B of a problem. Once I stop laughing when I think about that, I can generally start focusing on what needs to be done in order to fix it. Set Realistic Marketing Goals It seems [...]


Are You a Victim of The Ultimate Marketing Scam?

Knowledge is Power in This Game Unless you want to lose. How do I hate “scammy” marketing practices? Let me count the ways! Marketing has been around for hundreds of years and while it may have moved online, “The game hasn’t changed, only the players have.” Isn’t it time you had a fair shot at [...]


5 Reasons SEO will never Die

This text was originally posted on  So we have revisited the SEO dilemma fairly enough. The fact is, we have rehashed the very same topic and predicament in several ways. Let’s face it, search engine optimization (SEO for brevity) is every digital marketer’s life support in keeping their business afloat and alive. Globally, digital [...]

Using Social Media Just to Enhance SEO is a buzz killer!

  As a freelance consultant and “hands on” marketer, one of the biggest obstacles I face is challenging business owners and enterprise project managers to re-think how they are doing things.  It is the reason I always advocate for my clients to talk to a few people or firms before hiring me. I want them [...]

Employing the right person for the right job is key to success in web marketing.

There is a great deal more involved in digital marketing than simply sharing links. It involves a great deal of strategic planning and management of a variety of different areas, including; corporate branding, email, content management, web design, mobile solutions, promotions and advertising. These tasks are virtually impossible to be handled by one individual unless [...]

What does the number 812,131,080 represent?

In 2009, it represented the number of global users on Facebook alone.  Today that number is in the billions. With that staggering of a number, it is no wonder why Facebook is the most popular medium for local internet marketing. There are many reasons why local business owners should consider advertising on Facebook; It is [...]

What does your #selfie say about you?

In a recent article on #Lifehack, I talked about how #selfies can say a great deal about who you are. The article was posted here and is a very thorough examination of the subject. Since then, I have come realize that I myself post a great deal of them because of the job that I [...]

6 Ways to Better Marketing

The main purpose of a business type blog or website is to make money. How that takes place depends on the business model. When it comes to design and marketing, the basic concept is to locate customers. It's logic. If a website is created properly from the onset, it will produce better results, save time [...]

10 years of marketing challenges that many business owners face.

  I have been in business for almost ten years but I have never forgotten the challenges of being the new kid on the block. Everyone seems to be moving ten paces ahead of you and you are just trying to keep up.  This is normal, it takes some time to learn the steps, but once [...]

Measuring Marketing Success

You shouldn't analyse your marketing success on conversions alone. In the end, it is all about the sales! This is something I have heard quite often. Conversions are not sales.  Sales are not conversions.  We do not always know exactly what makes a customer convert.  We speculate and we know some things. Many People forget [...]