Social media is not a hobby, it is big business and you need to charge accordingly.

If you engage in social media there is an understanding that a positive and helpful attitude towards sharing is mandatory.  Unfortunately, compassion and kindness will not pay your bills. The truth is sometimes, you need to be a little less giving and a lot more receiving. 

I took a huge risk asking a question that some experts might say was inappropriate. It’s what I do.  I take risks and I do not always follow mainstream media. If I did, how would I stand out in the crowd?  It makes no sense to me to tell my clients to do that if I do not. Besides, that very question resulted in twenty “real” connections and some potential leads.

Do you find yourself often charging less than what you are worth just to get business?

The question confirmed what I had long suspected ~ many freelance business owners are selling themselves short.  And worse, they are losing their businesses as a result of it.

Here are some things you should consider before you create your prices.

  1. If you own a business people assume you know what you are doing.  As such, they also assume you have viewed competitor rates because they most certainly have.  
  2. Charge within the range of other experts in your niche.
  3. Stop proving yourself, start promoting yourself.
  4. Don’t worry about colleagues who are charging cheaper rates. The clients they are getting are not the clients you want.  These type of clients care little about what  services they are getting and are likely getting what they paid for.
  5. What is the point of owning your own business if you work based on someone else’s schedule, demands or expectations?  

You probably started a business because it was something you wanted to do and you were passionate about helping others. That is great and admirable, but when is it going to start to benefit you? 

If you are not eating and taking care of your own needs, you are not going to succeed.

How is your business profitable? What makes it useful enough for people to want to pay for it?  When you can answer these two questions, you are on your way.

A job is meant to pay you, a hobby is something that entertains you!

You need to understand the difference.  Social media is not a hobby, its big business and while you need to be “sociable,” and positive you also need to be confident, aggressive and profitable when it comes to charging clients.  

This seems to be the most difficult thing for a social media business owner to do.  It should be the easiest. 

How do you fix it? Research. But, I do not need to tell you that, you’re a marketer and you should already know that. 

Now go and do it!


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