5 Reasons SEO will never Die

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So we have revisited the SEO dilemma fairly enough. The fact is, we have rehashed the very same topic and predicament in several ways. Let’s face it, search engine optimization (SEO for brevity) is every digital marketer’s life support in keeping their business afloat and alive.

Globally, digital marketing companies have struggled yearly to keep up with Google’s pace. They have relentlessly adopted new tactics and techniques to make certain their SEO business will stay on top. In addition to that, since digital marketing is a uniquely competitive business, they adopt these updated tactics and techniques without question and learn to polish them as well.

However, yearly these companies also do a rough check on the subsequent year’s potential changes and predicted trends in SEO. Without fail, at least two or more articles on the internet would come to announce the anticipated death of SEO in lengthy diatribes. And still, without fail, search engine optimization has remained very much alive.  There might have been times wherein digital marketers around the world waited with bated breath (especially when Google announced it would be encrypting keywords) as they went through the various possibilities of Google’s new changes and what it could possibly mean for SEO, yet that announcement was made six years ago, and today at the year 2017, SEO remains a strong online marketing tactic.

You might be wondering how a marketing technique predicted to die yearly stays very much alive?

Well, let this article provide a deeper insight as to why SEO just will not die!

  • It’s an effective money making machine

This needs no further elaboration however for better comprehension, allow me to illustrate.  It is a reality that Google still harnesses the prowess of providing an enormous amount of traffic through its organic search. From that alone, a sizable sum of money is already at stake. And it is a fact that where there is money, there will be a competition and a willingness to spend money in order to win.

  • When done correctly, it still works!

Claiming SEO is dead is erroneous, however, when viewed from a larger perspective, there are aspects to this that are true. To illustrate this better, take automotive vendors for example. It is a reality that the techniques utilized by them did stop working and this is precisely the reason for the outward protest in the industry protesting that SEO is indeed dead. Fairly true, but not entirely. It is not dead. Their SEO is dead. Great, polished and updated SEO is alive, well and thriving more than ever. Some of the things that are truly dead are SEO Automation, Boilerplate Content, Low-Quality Links and having Schema Curing all. If you are still utilizing such techniques then it is no wonder why you would preach about SEO being dead.

SEO is not dead, the techniques you are using are. Give it a much needed “resuscitation,” by updating it.

  • SEO assists in bridging the gap

It is a fact that search engine’s best practices are not really comprehensible and intuitive to someone who is not at all well acquainted with SEO. To them, explanations regarding SEO would come off as jargon and there will always be a persistent need to communicate the best practices to individuals whose primary focus is not SEO every single day.  This becomes especially true as Google, as well as other, search engines (Yahoo, Bing and etc), continues to change the rules.

  • Savvy Dealers are still utilizing it and still want it

Like previously stated, SEO still works when done right so competitive dealers will still want to utilize it. It is for this reason that innumerable companies are offering premium SEO services to dealers even without the slightest idea of delivering it. This is why the most difficult thing a dealer would be to determine which companies have an idea of what they are doing and which ones do not.

  • Proper SEO is Google’s Boon

There are so many incorrect notions about SEO but the biggest misconception is the erroneous assumption that Google is against SEO. This could not be further from the truth. Google is not against proper SEO. Google is against SEO that plays underhanded tricks and blackhat SEO. They do not like and would eliminate tricks and techniques that are intended to fool them. Suffice to say, Google is against cheaters. Proper SEO has nothing to do with anything that is underhanded. The fact is, this is rather encouraged because it is built on three basic concepts in SEO (website and individual page identification, easier search engine crawl, delivering quality content). Optimization should never be about fooling search engines but rather giving them the ammunition they do need to serve their searchers better.

Tristan Jasper is a marketer, entrepreneur, and a freelance blogger. He’s currently working as a digital marketer at one of the top digital marketing agency in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @tristanjasperph.

We thank him for this contribution and invite you to comment and give us your opinion, is SEO dead or not @tristanjasperph?


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