When User Testing Gets Down Right Dangerous!

This is one of my best-featured articles to date.  While I think I answered the things I wanted to know, there is something that I just thought about and would have liked to add it to the text, but maybe it makes for a new blog someday.

How do self-driving cars park themselves?  I mean if they are dropping you off at work, it is no as if they can park outside.

Here is part of the text from the article:

“When Uber announced it was introducing autonomous cars in February, I got excited. I had heard about the technology but assumed it was years away from development. Let alone ready to pick up passengers.  When did they test them?  Have they?

I admit I was a bit smug realizing I heard the news before my husband. After doing a little victory dance in the room, I sat down at the computer and began my research. I watched tons of videos and read countless articles. I reveled in the designs of just about every prototype and dreamed of the possibilities.”  Read the entire post here!


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