Employing the right person for the right job is key to success in web marketing.

There is a great deal more involved in digital marketing than simply sharing links. It involves a great deal of strategic planning and management of a variety of different areas, including; corporate branding, email, content management, web design, mobile solutions, promotions and advertising. These tasks are virtually impossible to be handled by one individual unless they are employed by your company on a full-time basis. Normally, this is not the case because most professionals in these areas prefer to work from remote locations.

High Demand is the reason many brands outsource.

Outsourcing allows the company to benefit from a team of experts employed by a third party marketing business at roughly the same rate it would cost for one full-time marketer.  This provides a larger and more versatile employee pool to pull from.  

Creating a brand presence is only one aspect of digital marketing.

The other is to produce a massive amount of content and media that encourages fans and followers to “click through”to a “gated” landing page that sells your products and services.

Web Marketing expertise is not to be taken lightly. There are, in fact, a number of different types of experts from Social Media specialists, VA’s, Content Managers, Developers, and Consultants.

Many companies fail to see the difference, as a result, they select candidates based on misinformation.  This can result in disaster for the brand.

The problem when selecting a social media specialist, for example, is the fact that the level of expertise has not been properly defined and social media experts tend to label themselves. It is easy for someone to claim themselves to be an expert simply for posting on Twitter.

If there is no clear definition how can a brand employ the right person for the right job?

The best way is to shop around and see what each company has to offer and find one that best suits the needs of your brand or seek referrals from colleagues.

Here are some basic guidelines to help define web-marketing roles

Marketing Specialists

Pay Grade 15-20/hr.

This type of individual knows a great deal about web marketing in terms of performing daily tasks. They post content and media on Twitter, Facebook and other websites using Hootsuite and other types of content management dashboards.  Many of them are able to create fan page cover pages and other tasks such as images via photoshop, produce blogs, create email newsletters and other design templates. They do not necessarily create strategies or manage marketing, but rather carryout the tasks involved in them.

They do not necessarily create strategies or manage marketing, but rather carry out the tasks involved in them.

Virtual assistants are often grouped into this category, however, VA’s do not always have the necessary skills needed nor do they understand the marketing principals behind posting. They often do only as instructed. Web Marketing specialists take a more “hands-on” leadership role in running campaigns.  VA’s should be considered assistants in this category.

Marketing Managers

Pay Grade 35-50/hr

Marketing managers are the next level above marketing specialists. They supervise and delegate tasks to marketing specialists. They are also able to budget, plan and create overall marketing strategies. Marketing managers have expertise and experience in all areas of marketing and are able to create full-scale marketing campaigns.  Team leaders, they usually work very closely with brand executives and web developers to create brand strategies.

While they are able to perform the same tasks as specialists, they are expected to evaluate, manage and supervise campaigns rather than be involved in the “hands on” aspect of running them.  It is more of a supervisory role.

Marketing Consultants

Pay Grade 40-60/hr

Considered to be top level professionals in the marketing industry, consultants work closely with all marketing professionals, brand executives, colleagues and web developers to analyze current marketing trends and create professional connections.They take a more “advisory” role in the marketing. They offer suggestions to improve rather than create a brand’s marketing strategy.

They are often called upon by brands for a second opinion or for assistance in a start-up marketing campaigns. Consultants usually work with a number of outsource partners and provide a more customized and unbiased approach. They may take a brand’s current strategy and overall it to make it more effective but they won’t carry out the operations.

While they might all be different, the basic principles are the same for all marketers.

Marketing professionals are expected to have experience in some or all of the following:

  • Using Hootsuite or other similar RSS aggregator type dashboards
  • Engaging with followers and developing online trust relationships in a number of social media platforms
  • Creating and connecting social profiles to gain maximum brand exposure
  • Create images and posts using tools such as photoshop. 
  • Understand how to share and embed content into websites and blogs
  • Research materials based on relevant niche target markets
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and other similar platforms
  • Schedule posts based on the most appropriate time frames for individual clients
  • Develop online communications and follow trending topics in order to join conversations
  • Promote contests and other brand promotions
  • Create pamphlets, flyers and other promotional materials
  • Use email programs such as constant contact, MailChimp, Aweber to create simple newsletters and opt-in forms
  • Follow current web marketing trends
  • Create target specific content to increase brand exposure
  • Create banners, advertisements, logos and other types of corporate branding media.
  • Have a basic understanding of Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Advertising and Promotion

Other marketing industry jobs include specialists who focus in one area of the industry and include:

  1. Bloggers, content writers and copywriters.
  2. Graphic Artists
  3. Email Marketers
  4. Web Designer
  5. Web Developers
  6. Search Engine Optimization experts
  7. Video Markets
  8. Affiliate Marketers
  9. Market Researcher
  10. Budget and planning experts

With so much competition and so many diverse pay rates and jobs for marketing, it can be difficult for business owners to pass up the opportunity to pay cheaper rates for services.  The truth is you get what you pay for and if nothing else, the past few years has proven to many brands that there is simply no way to get around it.  

The Internet is no longer a free medium in which to advertise. Content is no longer a simple spin it till you win process.  And, with many countries enforcing strict spam laws, the time is now for companies to rethink its marketing and hire the right person for the right job.

Considering the fact that if you were to hire one full-time marketing employee at a base rate of 15/hr for 40 hours, it would cost 2400/month plus taxes and benefits.  At this rate, 3500/month for a full-scale web marketing package sounds quite reasonable.

Collaboration is the new face of web marketing and it allows companies to benefit from up to ten full-time workers for the price of one.  Isn’t it time your brand started to get the marketing it deserves?   Plan your hiring just like you would your wiring. Your website will love you for it.

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