Love Sex and Money – Feminine Collective – FEATURED

There is nothing more flattering than seeing your articles come to life on someone else’s website.  As you will no doubt realize by the staggering dates of my writing, I have been neglecting this one. Believe me, (said in the voice of Donald Trump) it is not intentional.  I am just very busy writing to pay the bills.  This is a great thing!  I am learning a lot and increasing my brand’s exposure which in turn helps my clients grow.

For once in my life, I feel like I am making my own rules.

This article on Feminine Collective is one of my new personal favorites. As a staunch feminist, I understand what it means to work in the adult industry and still maintain some semblance of a normal married life.

The article attempts to explain, how women are using sex to their advantage instead of it being a disadvantage to them.  I got married thirty years ago to a man who understood that I am my own person. He encourages me to do whatever I want and if that means writing controversial content, then so be it.  I make my own rules about love, sex, and money and you should too – it is quite empowering.


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