What does the number 812,131,080 represent?

In 2009, it represented the number of global users on Facebook alone.  Today that number is in the billions.

With that staggering of a number, it is no wonder why Facebook is the most popular medium for local internet marketing.

There are many reasons why local business owners should consider advertising on Facebook;

  • It is a relatively inexpensive way to reach millions of target specific users with little time or effort. Facebook advertising can target users based on geographical area, product interest, and other specific criteria.


  • The recent introduction of Facebook’s mobile application has opened the door to “Instant- in the moment” advertising opportunities. You can literally drive traffic to your store or website with a quick deal, free offer or coupon.


  • You can use Facebook advertising to build your fan base by offering benefits to users for liking your page and engaging with your business.

Interestingly enough, it is not the “why” that seems to be the issue when it comes to Facebook marketing – it seems to be the “how.”

How can I create an effective Facebook advertisement in that tiny block of space that Facebook provides?” is often the question asked.

Considering the fact that the advertisement text is limited, the answer is simple. Concentrate on the delivery of the message rather than the design. The design is what will attract the user, but it is the message that creates the impact.

Here are some Facebook advertising strategies that I use to develop advertisements .

  1. Ask questions – it can lead to 30% more engagements. People are curious and always willing to help.

  2. Use time limits and set realistic goals on your call to actions. Example; we need to raise 10000 dollars in two months; help us by clicking here.

  3. Provide a simple call to action – click here or go there. Always use the KISS principle; keep it simple and specific.

  4. Use colorful images and avoid using brand logos – it is estimated that there is a 60% less click rate on advertisements that contain logos. The assumption is; people are looking for new products and services.

  5. Have a relevant landing page and URL for the user to be directed to. Example – if the ad is for a contest, it should direct the user to the contest entry form and not the main website.

  6. When targeting a local market, mention the city in the headline. People tend to click on things that have their town or city mentioned.

  7. Spin the same advertisement to attract specific users, for example; wedding couples, parents, etc. Instead of using one message, use several different versions of the same one.

  8. Test the advertisements. If you see some are working better than others, try to determine why as this will help you to create better ads in the future.

  9. Use broad matching keywords whenever possible; you will reach a larger number of people interested in the same topics. Hashtags are a good example of this philosophy.

There is no exact science as to what is the best strategy for your business. The only way you will ever be successful at it is to try it yourself or hire an expert to do it for you.

What number is representing your business? 450-613-2576 MINE!


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