The 3 Most Important Words For Marketing

The need to feel connected to family and friends drives individuals to take part in social media.

Web marketing profited by this wide open arena. It began using social media as a viable and free means in which to promote products and drive sales. Its’ true value is misrepresented and misunderstood.

Social media established itself as a crucial part of the process as inbound marketing’s primary communication funnel. This funnel influences the buying decision and helps foster relationships with prospects, during, and after the buying process.

Defining social media is the first step to success.

And, the second is clarifying what the 3 most important words are when implementing it.

They are:


A great deal of focus in social media is navigating web traffic.

Traffic plays a key role. If no one is able to find, read or see your content it becomes redundant, regardless, of how interesting is. Using social publishing strategies, marketing metrics,and specialized tools, marketers publish content.

If effective, this will encourage prospects to click through to a static web or landing page.  This page will inform them about promotions, products, and services you offer.

Navigating marketing channels is a multi-directional process. A variety of metrics, content, and media directs people to and from websites.

Planning how, where and when to navigate this traffic is essential.

It takes a great deal of collaboration and communication between all teams. Those include Webdesign, APP development, SEO, and marketing.

  • (2) ENGAGING

Once you have planned the path that you want your prospects to take, you have to make it easy. Prospects are unlikely to follow a path (or click through) if they are not interested in the content presented to them.

Interesting, fun and engaging content helps to ease concerns and encourages participation.

Relationships with friends, family and current customers plays an important role. When prospects see that other people like and trust you, they will feel more comfortable in doing so.

Engaging with customers, fans, and followers on a daily basis will help to solidify long-term relationships. It will also build new ones and foster communication with potential customers.

When the people in your social networks (including yourself) engage with your content and they like it, they will share it. The more your content is shared, the more likely it will be seen by other people. This increases the chances for traffic to navigate to and from your landing pages.

It is interesting to note that one of the biggest misconceptions is that writing and posting content is enough to engage with customers. This is only one part of the process, establishing open communication and providing direction is the other.

Social media management dashboards are used to post scheduled content. But, you need to schedule it so that you have more time to talk and participate in discussions with customers and prospects.

Tools are only as effective as the people who use them.

  • (3) TRUSTING

Engaging and navigating traffic is the main purpose for social media. If you are successful with all your inbound marketing efforts, you will have turned prospects into leads.

Once you have turned a prospect into a buyer, your focus changes. At this point you are in the final stages.

You will concentrate your efforts on building and nurturing long lasting trust relationships with your customers. You want to turn them into repeat buyers and product promoters.

Trust is earned by (1) creating honest and target specific content, (2) developing content that promotes brand loyalty, offers discounts and promotions for repeat purchases, (3) and by increasing customer engagements and providing reliable customer service.

Marketing will always take center stage. Using mobile marketing to your advantage is a gold mine for business. The younger generation is attached at the hip to their mobile devices. If you cannot connect with them, you lose over 35% of your prospects.  A mobile app is the best way to connect and build trust with them.

Who says words don’t matter? They do!


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