Measuring Marketing Success

You shouldn’t analyse your marketing success on conversions alone.

In the end, it is all about the sales! This is something I have heard quite often.

Conversions are not sales.  Sales are not conversions.  We do not always know exactly what makes a customer convert.  We speculate and we know some things.

Many People forget what is important!

Brand, product value, and customer loyalty are just as important to your bottom line. Figures and conversions cannot become repeat sales, only customers can.

  • Creating brand ambassadors’ is essential to success.

They will share your products and get the word out. Most often they do it free of charge and is the most valuable advertising you got. If you paid twenty dollars for an advertisement to make a 25.00 sale,  your profit is only 5.00.  If you made the sale via social sharing, the true value is obvious.

If you’re offered free services from your employees, use them.  This will save you and your customer’s money.  Use profits to enhance and deliver better results through promotions and incentives.

Some things to ask yourself when measuring your brand’s marketing success:

  1. Did you set reasonable goals for achieving success?
  2.  Depending on the business, 15% ROI might be high in the first year.  Did you give yourself time to grow?
  3. Did you track each metric with proper tagging?  Measuring only works if you know what you want to know.
  4. Did you define the right Mediums, Source and URL?
  5. How do you know what is working if you cannot quantify it?
  6. Can you get a better ROI by using more free versus paid traffic sources?
  7. Is your brand going to see a long life or will it fizzle?

Analytics and statistics are only as good as the people who create them. Make sure your reporting and tracking methods are good for your product.

If you do not know what number ROI means, you need to go back to school and do not stop here!

Finally, the best way to measure your brand’s success is to actually measure it. Use more than one analytics software to compare. Doing so will ensure accurate results. Make sure that you measure your social media and mobile to get a more exact measurement.

You can track every post if you use UTM_Medium and UTM_Source tagging in your posts.  If I can do it so can you.

See Google Tagging rules for more information on how to do this!


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