Sexting it takes a bit of getting used to!

Want to try sexting but not sure how to start the conversation or know exactly what to say? Don’t worry, it is actually pretty common. No one ever knows what to do the first time, it takes practice to get the hand, I mean hang of it. Even the professionals -stumble on their words once in awhile and when auto-correct has its way, the results can be hilarious.

Arousr Sexting FailWe have all seen the hundreds of #sexting fail images like the one seen but we rarely ever get to hear or see what crazy things can wrong on the other end of the phone in the middle of a chat session.

Our friends over at shared some pretty funny stories on what it is really like to be a professional in the sexting industry.

  • You must be organized.

“I once had to go to the bathroom that I thought that I would just run quickly and forgot that I had a guest sleeping in the next room. Needless to say, my best friend got the shock of his life when I came out of the room wearing nothing but high heels.”

  • You must be resourceful.

“After a session had ended the client said to me, do not forget to thank “Peter” for letting me watch. Confused, I looked at the phone and realized that I had been calling him the wrong name the entire time. Somewhat embarrassed, I texted; “I was talking to your “penis.” In that case, it was the best session ever, he replied.”

  • You must be resourceful.

“I once fell out of bed and realized that the cold floor was a real turn on, so I stayed there the entire time. It is probably what eventually lead to my floor fetish”

  • You must be careful.

I once typed, “I want you to go home, lay on your bed and text me when you are ready to do what I say.” It was not until two hours later when I did not get a text back that I realized I was on my friend’s phone. She told me the next day that she and her husband had the best sex ever. Hey, you just never know!

Above all else, you must be willing to have fun, enjoy the moment and use your imagination! Start with hello, the rest will eventually cum to you!

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