Things that marketing colleagues do that annoy me.

There are some really annoying tactics that marketers use that make me question why I chose this profession in the first place.  As a former non profit community manager and fund raiser, I simply find a great deal of the methods that are being used for online marketing to be socially irresponsible.

Apparently, Google agrees with me.

Seo-socialmedia Social MediaIt freaks me out how many companies still challenge Google and take risks. Do they really think they are smarter than the Search Engines?  Eventually, Google will figure them out and come looking for them.

Unfortunately, these types of marketers will just start over. Will the circle ever be broken? I sure hope so.

Do not get me wrong, these marketers are successful at what they do but I personally just cannot justify using those tactics myself, it makes me feel as though I am somehow prostituting myself.

speak bubble leader - seo social media

Conversion, branding and selling a product or service is the ultimate outcome, however I believe there has to be a better way than having to resort to:

  • Emailing prospects with different and often nasty subject lines.

A/B testing was never intended to be A-Z testing. It is supposed to have some form of logic to it.  Call it what you want, if you do it this way, it is still spam.

  • Commenting on subjects with auto-posting methods or on articles that have no relevance to the comment.

No it is not acceptable to place a comment about “sexting” on a post regarding teens suffering from cystic fibrosis. The keyword being used was teens, I get it. It is still irresponsible. If you used the right method in the first place, this would never happen.

  • Placing unsolicited advertisements in groups.

It is the number one way to get your butt kicked out of a group and lose respect from your friends, family and peers. By all means comment in groups and add links, even about controversial topics like sexting, but only when they are relevant to the conversation. Do not randomly place unsolicited links in groups, it really is annoying and disrespectful to the group administrator. Yes, Virginia there is always a better way to do things, I just did it. If you noticed, I did not put the link sexting in the subject about teens but rather in the one about groups?  Get it? It’s crafty, not trashy!

Arousr Advertisement

  • Prostituting your content.  

If you lose sight of your brand’s image, you can never get it back.

Mashable is the perfect exemplification of this. It used to be the go to content provider for social media, marketing and all things relevant to current web technologies. Lately, it has become nothing short of a huge gossip magazine with tons of unimportant filler content. This is a classic example of becoming to big for your breeches as my mother used to say.

Social Media marketers once relied on Mashable for providing them with important trending information about the industry, this is no longer the case.  This information has been replaced with content that is “trending,” it is not the same thing!

There is always, always a better way to do things…………………… takes longer, but I find it more rewarding in the long run.


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